Still Everyday

Yeah i still think about him. But i don't cry anymore. I'm not upset or devastated anymore. I'm so glad i've got to this stage of getting over him. But he was still a big part of my life. It's been 6 months and i still think about him everyday. I wonder what he's up to. We used to talk all the time but we haven't for a long time. It was a bad relationship and it ended when he moved from brisbane, australia to trinidad. I had to say goodbye. And while the whole time i knew it was what had to be done, and that it'd be good for me because he was a pig, it truly did devastate me. I cried loudly, i cried non-stop. I constantly had that sick feeling in my stomach because i was in love and wanted him beyond what words can explain. It made me sick to the stomach. And i wasted an unimaginable amount of tears on him. Matter fact i got a little tear now just writing about it. But more to the point, i got through the stages of heartbreak. I got through the incredible sadness, i got through the severe rage and vengeful thoughts, and now i have come to terms with everything in such a mature way, i really am proud of myself. I'm not bitter. And it feels really good. I wonder when i'll stop thinking about him all together?

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2 Responses Jan 3, 2009

i know. im at the stage of just being thankful 4 the experience, really. he hurt me, bad, and while i'll never truly forgive him 4 that - i would never, ever take back the lessons learnt. they've made me smarter & stronger. i'm now with someone new. we've been together for about 5 months & i now know what it feels like to have your love for someone truly reciprocated.

I ask the same thing...will i ever stop thinking about him? It seems that the more they hurt you the more you want to try to make it better ,.. but it doesnt work...i will just remember him as the man that truly broke my heart ..and try to move on. you know....?I wish you luck and think about why he is your ex...and how you felt at the time ...that helps me and im glad he is out of my life.