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They Exist...

I am talking about soul mates and Andrew was mine. We met each other by accident under crazy circumstances. No one would have thought it would end up like it did. Our talks would last through out the whole night. We couldn't stay away from each other. The chemistry was almost overwhelming. I thought of him when I opened my eyes in the morning to the second I closed them again at night. His eyes made me melt and his kisses, ohh...I still get goosebumps. It had to end, I know this. He came into my life for a reason. I will never stop thinking about him.
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I know sugar, it's a memory that will stay in front of your mind forever. You may forget a lot of things, but never that :)

May I ask, what happened? I still think of my lost love everyday too :) xx

that is the crazy thing that true love does to us all. if all we can think of is the other guy or gal when we wake up everyday and last one we think of before we pass out for the night, then it really is love.You are right they do exist !