What could have happened if we werent' introduced to each other on St Paddy's Day...What could have happened if you didn't grip my hand that nite....What could have happened if we didn't start this relationship... What would have happened if either one of us were strong enough to say 'lets call it a day' 2 years ago....


I guess I won't be feeling this hurt...I won't be feeling loved....I won't be having so much in life...I won't be travelling as much....I won't become a Rescue Diver...

I won't be cryng so much tears.... I won't be loving you ...I won't missing you so much and hoping one day miracle can happen to 'us'.

Eternal Eternal
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

thank you.

Life is full of what ifs don't you think. I believe that our lifes are like a map and we make the choices of which road to go. I offten dwell on decissions I've made and if only i'd of done this or that. It drives me insane sometimes but I know how you feel. Well you know I can't say I know exactly how you feel but I can relate to what your saying xox.