Wow I Sure Miss Him.....

I fell in love 25 years ago. Then we both went our own ways. Here we are all these years later and now we found each other again. It's like we never parted, still talking, still playing around with each other, still teasing like we used to. We still have fun with each other even though we are 700 miles away. We talk almost every day, and if I don't get to talk to him I am heart broken. I miss his laugh, his funny jokes, his teasing, his sex-texts, his funny face that I have grown to love all over again. He is my fun, get away place!!! I can talk to him openly about my day and I know that he will not judge what I tell him.
We both have grown older but we are still the same in alot of ways.
If we should ever meet again it will not be soon enough for me. I want to see him, touch him, know that he feels the same as I do about him. He is a very shy,hold his feeling to himself don't say what he feels right out(except on the computer screen), in person he just can't express himself). But he knows how to laugh, he knows how to joke and he knows how to be sexy in his own way, I guess thats why we get along so well...
I don't know if lost loves are a good thing or bad thing, sometimes we get to thinking about our old dating days and the fun times that we had together, but then we get sad knowing that we can never go back to that time again, and we have to live in the present.. Now that we found each other I don't think we can ever go back to just being friends...we have moved beyond that phase in our lives, we are at intimate lovers who cannot be together, except in spirit...
WOW..I sure miss him!!!!
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In 2010..I did have a chance reunion with my high school love after 20 years of being was wonderful..couldn't have ask for better..for a year before we talked and text daily..texting was a continual thing..then for about a year after we reunited it was the same thing..sooo awesome it felt...then I think reality hit us both..we already had lifes that we had to continue..that we would and could not be evidentually our texting slowed down..and now we still text but only once or twice a month..funny thing the texting now is generally always for advice about something..he is and will always be very special to me..

I can totally relate. I don't think I'll ever get over my love. He made me laugh too. He gave me something to look forward to on a daily basis. I think about him everyday even though it's been over 10 years.. No one could compare to him. He was my soulmate and I miss him so very much. I could never replace him, wouldn't even try...I wonder if he thinks of me?<br />
<br />
I'm completely broken and will always be sad without my best friend...

=) i know the feeling