My Life Sucks So Much Im Ready For It To Be Over

well if enyone can help i feel so alone i suffer deppresion and agraphobia really dont no how long i can go on for pray each day i niver wake up i have a family but am sure my b/f and me are over we dont talk he showes no emotion no care all and we both live in the same house still he just thinks i dont want to change or get myself feeling better like as i like this life :(( i want is a hug some effection love i cry all the time have no were to turn to im watching my life pass me ill niver have a love were im treated as a woman should be makes me so sad ive just had enough life it just to hard to continue am i alone please would love to speek to others who no what im going though and am feeling if you have taken time to read this thank you

charmer30 charmer30
31-35, F
4 Responses Oct 24, 2011


thank you wow tryed doctor tryed all meds just feels like a waste of everyones time just a burden to akk

so im not alone then

Sorry to hear that.....I think that we all feel like that.