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The Good Times

It ended badly. We had been married eleven years. It ended with animosity and bitterness, But, now, looking back in retrospect I choose to remember the good times. Our travels together. Our summers here on the beach. The lovemaking that was so intense.
I sometimes wish to return to those days. And my heart is full of sadness.
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while the previous posts are certainly true..... there is also that option to reconsider your decision making...... you can never go back to where you were, but sometimes, not often, rebuilding a relationship can work. the second time around, is trickier, but in some ways easier. at least you know the downside. lolol. think about it.... maybe he has regrets as well. but then again, if it ended badly and you raked him over the coals pretty bad.... don't expect too much.

It is an evolutionary process.....including the pain. Take a deep breath....and know all that has happened brought you to right here..right now. New adventures await. It is your

Funny how sometimes even though a relationship can end badly, years later when we think about it, there are times we miss that person. It ended for a reason and usually after having these feeling for a few days, something good happens and you become happier and stronger from it! From what I see, you shouldn't have much trouble finding someone! Peace!