After 20 + Years He Still Makes Me Weak

I ran into an old friend about a week ago. we had absolutely no idea that we would see each other at this event. he was with his wife whom I met for the first time. he stood up to greet me with a hug. I walked past him to hug someone else first, then came back to high him. he felt so damn good. o hadn't been that close to him in so many years. I could barely fix my player after that. I am so week for this guy and I don't know why. we both have moves on in our lives. also to find out that his stepdaughter and my daughter go to school together, not only that bit had almost every class together. I can't lie, when I heard he was getting married, it cried me, totally, and after all these years, I still feel the same about him as I did when I was 12.. I had heard from a mutual friend that his marriage has been a strain on him and ot showed when I saw him. he has began to gray way before he should. it doesn't run in his family to gray early, and he looked stressed. we didn't talk much, plus I heard she was quite controlling, . everytime he asked me a question I gave short answers. and barely looked at him. I just couldn't. I almost wanted to cry. I feel on my heart that he's the one I was suppose to marry, but for one reason or another it didn't happen.
shallowdeep shallowdeep
36-40, F
Jul 6, 2012