2 Months On Hes Still On My Mind Always Will Be.....

Its been two months since my ex broke up with me. When we were together we were really in love i still love him. We never argued or fought with eachother we were great. It was strange because one night he just turned round and said to me its over i dont love u anymore,. Hearing him say that tore me apart im still torn. I think of him every minute of everyday still even when i try to distract myself hes still on my mind. Im thinking that he may always be on my mind now. I really love him still and i stil think of him always.
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I'm in the same place you are my ex broke up with me 3 months ago ... We never argued and I lOved him with all my heart, unfortunately he has alot of issues and can't cope with his life so I was kicked to the curb ... It's so hard to take from someone who you give your heart to but remember that it is his loss to no longer have you in his life and you will find someone who will love you with all his heart ... Everyone keeps telling me that you will feel ok and it's hard to believe now but in time the pain will heal ... Your not alone xxx

thank u so much and yeah how u feel is not good its so hard feeling as alone as i do if u ever need to talk message me

Thanks :) if u also ever need someone to talk to message me anytime sometimes talking to someone you don't know can help ... Take a day at a time x

thank u

in sort of in this exact situation. my break up was also.." out of the blue " and ended with some very harsh words.and my head replays them over and over in my head each day..i hope we feel better soon.

i really hope we feel better soon as well if u ever need to talk u can message me