I Love Him And I Know He Doesnt Love Me So Why

My best friend is a guy I've knowed for a very long time I'm lose him to the military we have talked about my feelings for him a lot and he knows that my love him is deep and full and pure he was the first boy to kiss me and the first man to tell me he loves me I know and not question if he meant or if he was doing it to gain something from me. I just don't how two people can have some much history and he doesn't feel a ounce of romantic feelings for me I've knowed this man since I was 17 and I'm 23 and I still love him and always will I feel like my heart betrays me please help how do u move on when u feel like he ur soulmate he completes me. Am I. Doomed to be left unwhole
happyness234 happyness234
22-25, F
Oct 18, 2012