I Love To Have

a baby bottle of baby formula i have it all the time i love holding  it and squeezing my baby bottle i love sucking I'm my baby bottle teat i  have a baby bottle during the day and bed i have baby juice i have gripe water to bring my wind up as I'm having my baby milk i suck and i wet my diaper / nappy i stayed in a BB in goalmouth UK  i was getting ready for bed i had a diaper on was waiting on water to do my baby milk i was silent i only had a diaper on and lovely teddy baby pants then a knock come on my door before i could lock the door the land lady said why do you have a diaper / nappy and lovely baby pants i posed then said do you wet the bed and why are you doing a baby bottle she come up to me took me by the hand and sat on the bed with me then said i need to check your bum she put her soft loving fingers between my legs i was very wet she said have you got anymore diaper / nappies i said yes she said you can call me mommy i said OK mommy she taken my baby pants of and my nappy she got out baby wipes and cleaned me up and she put a fresh nappy on me then walked away from the bed went and picked up my baby bottle made it then cooled it she sat up on the bed and said sit your baby soft bottom on Mommy's knee then she laid my head on her breasts she fed all the baby milk and winded me she let the room and brought in a travel cot then she told me she was having my bed as her being mommy cant Levey baby on his own she made the cot / crib told me to get in she put the baby bedding it was winy the poo she was relay nice and kind she had a baby mobile the room was dark and the walls were full of telly tabbies she fed me baby bottles every 2 hour but changed me twice every time she kissed me i relay loved that night i hope i can find that b and b again she she woke up changed me bathed me in baby bath powdered and creamed put a clean nappy and baby pants  she even fed me baby breakfast and my baby bottle of warm milk and made me about 4 more baby bottles for journey she held me as she fed me my baby bottle of baby milk  that was a moment i could never for get i miss her i lost her phone number  but if any loving woman want to spoil and treat me as her baby I'm here thank you 
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1 Response Nov 8, 2012

Wow you were one very lucky baby, nice story xx