Bottles Really Do Help Me Sleep When I Have A Lot On My Mind

i like pacifiers too but nothing helps me get to sleep like a bottle of warm milk with a bit of honey. I usualy do this when I have to be up early the next day and I have alot on my mind and need to just get to sleep. It works like a charm.

As you can tell from my other groups, I'm Adult baby, so I also wear diapers to bed too. I mean, all that milk has to go somewhere. *giggles*

Bottles, especially with the nuk specialty nipples for adults, they are so nice. Ithink besides the warm milk I like the feeling of my lips touching the outer buble of latex, kinda makes me feel like I'm nursing at a breast.

You're never too old ot have a bottle :) Maybe our society would be more peaceful and mellow if we all had a bottle from time to time.


PS and i dont mean a bottle of booze, although that would probably mellow people out too. LOL

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3 Responses Dec 12, 2009

I use a pacifier but plan to get a bottle and a Nuk nipple for it. I use my pacifier every night and also use diapers at night, put on two or three to protect the bed.

I have only just bought a bottle having said that I have had a dummy for about five years and love it I have had just one bottle so far and did I enjoy it oh boy it was great can't wait to have more.

yea drinking is overrated