What Makes A Cheat?

What makes a cheat?

you lied and  i trusted you. In my books that makes you a cheat.

you told me she was out of our life for good, you told me nothing was going on. You told me this just to shut me up. She was able to go on like nothing was wrong. The only person that suffered was me the women you were meant to love.
I hate that all this **** has been dragged up again because your too much of a coward to get rid of her or your into her too much  to.

with the new year brings change i must become myself again and move away from us if i am pregnant i will deal with that without u.
samscleverbox samscleverbox
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 1, 2011

thank you so much for your comment it really helped me to focus on whats important.

My heart goes out to you. Be strong and do what you know is right for YOU no mater what anyone else says. Good luck...