After All These Years

Even after years and years of ups and downs, after seeing him in every way, shape, and form possible, just looking at my guy lights my inner fire. I still feel such passion toward him and have an inescapable urge to touch him, to feel him, to kiss him. There are times when I can't possibly get close enough to him, times I cant possibly pull him deep enough inside of me when we're making love. I almost want to consume be one with him...completely.
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36-40, F
2 Responses Nov 17, 2011

Oh honey... I swear that I was JUST talking about this very thing and how I want to feel!

lol, I'm glad someone else understands the feeling :D

I think I specifically said: I want a sexual encounter where I feel like I want to climb inside her body, to feel as close a possible. Whew! It got hot in here.

Wow...that is a true passionate love! Your man is lucky that you can feel so strongly for him.

thanks....would you mind dropping my guy a line saying that? LOL ;) I appreciate your comment sweetie.