Still Hoping For My Fairy Tale

Do fairy tales still come true or are these those things that our mothers told us before putting us to bed? Do modern day fairy tales even exist anymore? All my life I have believed in fairy tales, but as much as I hate to admit this the older I get the more cynical and bitter I'm becoming. I mean for me the ULTIMATE fairy tales was Diana Spencer marrying her Prince Charming aka Prince Charles Windsor on 29 July 1981. I stayed up to watch the blessed event along with the rest of the world (and yes I just told you my age :-p). Like the rest of the world I watched this modern day fairy tale unfold and sadly fall apart eventually ending in the death of Our Beloved Princess.

Fast forward to 2005 when I met my "Prince Charming". I was blissfully happy (or so I thought) I was on top of the world living my own Titanic moment, well the good parts that is then my ship finally hit the fatal iceberg. As it turns out my iceberg was a woman, two to be more precise. The first one was my bf's wife. Yes you heard that right his wife. As it turns out the bugger lied to me from day one and was in fact still married but bugger that he was, never told me nor did he tell me that he lived at home which is why I never knew he was married. Iceberg number two you ask? Well that would be his other girlfriend, as it tuns out he was cheating on me. When it started I do not know for sure which is besides the point.

The experience of being the other woman yet again and then being cheated on as well as other all around bad dating experiences have made me ponder if believing in fairy tales or happy endings is worth it anymore? I mean doesn't seem like there all that many out there and yet I still want to believe in them as the alternative is far more sad and depressing.

Caramelicious Caramelicious
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2011

Be patient Caramel! Your passion and no nonsense frankness WILL be appreciated by some guy out there! They are very attractive but not easily found traits!<br /><br />
Good luck!

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I have to say I agree but I'm starting to wonder if there actually is a Prince Charming in my future. See I like and only date white men (it's my PREFERENCE) and there seems to be soo or too many of them that only like black women for sexual reasons. Seems like in my exprience that we are good enough to bed but not good enough to wed. <br />
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Yes, I have learned frome the mistake of opening one's legs before allowing the other person to get to know me better. While I am not ashamed of my past and I proudly wear the scarlet letter on my chest, because God changed me and made me a better person; but let's face it I'm getting tired of waiting for my Prince to come. <br />
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I'm tired of being the last or always being the last person in this race we call life. I'm tired of watching, waiting, hoping for it to be my turn and still never winning. Yes, I know the grass isn't greener on the other side but honestly when teh **** is it going to be my turn and why am I perpetually number 999999999999999?