A Return To My Childhood After All Of These Years

Ooh... I have recently began seeking out the old animated movies that I had watched in my childhood that I had forgotten entirely about.  So far, I have found Oliver and Company and the Great Mouse Detective... though so far, I have been too busy watching the Great Mouse Detective over and over again to actually focus on looking for the others.

I had originally forgotten entirely about the existence about the Great Mouse Detective until I had come across the title on TV Tropes. 

So I had rewatched it for the first time... and all of those bits and pieces of my memories came back, and due to my near-photographic memory... all of those bits and pieces were right.  Especially the climax of that movie.  I dare not spoil this wonderful movie; you'll have to see the intense climatic scene and the others preceding it to really get a feel of that movie.

Now... before I spoil the Great Mouse Detective... I shall end this topic.  I am back in love with old cartoons.  Especially this movie, which was too frightening for me to remember until now.
Sixband Sixband
22-25, F
Nov 15, 2010