How You Doing?

Oh my goodness...i was so happy when i found this group!!! I am obsesseddd with friends, i own all the seasons and watch reruns on nick-at-nite. I grew up watching this show, then kinda came back again to watch it a couple of years ago. The jokes and script are so realistic that you feel like when they say something you can imagine one of your friends saying the same thing. The situations that they are put in are also believable, im sure everyone experienced dating someone within your group of friends and then breaking up and still having to hang out because you two run in the same social circle. This show gives off a feel-good feeling because its so relatable. This show is such a classic!!!
raychelly raychelly
22-25, F
1 Response May 30, 2012

And its so funny when u watch the series and u go out and go like, uh like friends! And ha somethin familiar happend on friends! That reminds me when chandler and mon... And stuff like that. Im too obssessed with friends!!