My Favorite Tv Show Still

I love Friends. I have all the seasons on DVD and will just pop one in when cleaning house or just for background noise. It's sadly comforting to me.  I haven't found a sitcom yet that I love nearly as much. All glad to take suggestions, but for now Friends is it!


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2 Responses Apr 13, 2007

I'll join the club! I love the show!!! I too have all the seasons and can watch them anytime! My boyfriend didn't watch it a lot before he met me and now everytime when we do watch Friends (from telly or dvd) he always asks 'what's the name of this episode? tow...?' to see how hard core a fan am I :D<br />
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another good sitcom I'm hooked to is dharma & greg... Love it!

dont worry, i love friends, i can watch back to back episodes everyday. it calms me, makes me laugh, and makes me wish i was part of their group. what fun they had. laugh it up and enjoy , i know i am. probabaly forever...