My Heart Belongs to Ross

he's so freaking adorable! smart, somewhat shy, a bit geeky...the man of my dreams! ;) i've seen most of the episodes many, many times, but i don't get tired of them. i really love the show where everyone finally finds out about chandler and monica's romance. the scene where phoebe is trying to "seduce" chandler is a riot. the only character i never really cared for is rachel. i know she has her place in the show, but i've always found her extremely whiney and annoying.

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yeah, you def have a point there. knocking first is always a good idea! ;)

haha i know, joey is funny! i like the one where he doesn't want to share food with his date, lol. :)<br />
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it would be great having friends like that, huh?

dear i loooooooooooooooooooove this show....and the episode u tell abt monica and chandler is my fav of all time. my favorite char. is joey..he is so stupid...and i love him..<br />
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i wish.. i could have those type of friend's

absolutely. i had a similar relationship, and believe me three years is more than enough time for someone to get their act together. if he can't man up in that amount of time, then "see ya" is the best thing to say!

yes it does... but you know it just shows you that there is a reason why there is a difference between fantasy and reality... my ex had Ross's looks, but my ex was a bit of a little boy and couldn't grow up and commit in time for me to want to stick around... it was a good three years, but I can only wait so long before a girl has to move on you know?

aww, that's so sweet!! it still makes for a nice story, in any case :)

omw I love Ross too!!! I have even dated a guy that was my real life "Ross"! hehhee But that relationship didn't last...

i know, it does seem like the reruns have been on forever! i got the first season on dvd for my birthday last year.<br />
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lol, i know! that button trick still amazes me!<br />
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and i think chandler's perfectly adorable too! :)

Yes... That episode is funny, i was amazed by Joey's ability not to rip any buttons. LOL...<br><br />
The most embarrassing thing Rachel ever done was when she put on the cheer-leading outfit to impress Joshua, her soon-to-be boyfriend. She completely humiliated herself there... <br />
And for me, it's always been Chandler, he is somewhat sweet, funny and a bit sarcastic. When he tried to persuade Erica, he was AMAZING!!!!

Its hilarius. I dont think theyll take those reruns off and iM SURE YOU CAN BUY THE CDS NOW!