Who Doesn't Watch Friends?

I bought the 40 disc extended episode boxset so I can watch the show whenever I want :)  Could I be any more dedicated? ;)  Chandler and Phoebe are my fave characters, although I worry that sometimes I'm a little too much like Monica...

RachelRedhead RachelRedhead
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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

yup that's me too... I am a clear Monica, but I am little less of a neat freak. :)

ross and phoebe are my favs, although i'm probably most like monica too!

£40 for the boxset, that's £1 a disc!

I bought the boxset too! I love Ross... he is my favourite! I can watch the episodes whenever I want as well... and you know... Friends will never go out of style! :D

Wow lol. <br />
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40 disks? I love the show and all too, but isnt that like 150$?