It Actually Changed My Way Of Referring To Things When I Talk...

I have watched all ten seasons of Friends at least 4 to 5 times... I can probably quote from most of the shows and I think I might even be able to kick some serious butt if there is ever a proper Friends quiz! Or..

Imagine they make a gameshow out of it! And they call it "Friends Bamboozle"!! Hehe

Just the other night I watched the finale of Friends. Everytime I cry my eyes out!! I know they are just characters, but television really made all 6 of them so alive. Even when I talk to my friends I would still quote certain things from the show if I want to make a point about something, or I would use Chandler's sense of humor to tell a joke etc.

Also I can so relate to Monica, except I am less of a clean freak, but I am totally neurotic! Haha

I think David Schwimmer is so cute, attractive and sexy. I have a thing for geeky guys like Ross.

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4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

so glad we share the same passion for FRIENDS!! hehe there is a reason all of us belong to the group! :D

I worry that my inner Monica keeps surfacing each time I do the house work and I have to resist the urge to upgrade my cleaning products to a more expensive brand...

Haha, I'm watching friends right now. I actually have a friends trivia video game for PS2 and a friends trivia board game.

haha, i'm the same way--i used to be much more of a clean freak than i am now, but monica is still my totally neurotic soul sister!<br />
<br />
and you know my feelings on ross! david schwimmer is sooo freaking adorable. my friend recently told me that he and i were born one day apart (different years, obviously, lol), but i thought that was pretty cool. :)