I Still Wear Diapers!

I've wet the bed since i was a kid on and off, but since i was 25 i started bedwetting more often, and not waking up until i've almost completely wet myself, so now i wear a diaper every night. my girlfriend doesn't care, even feels and crinkles my diaper a little while falling asleep. it's hard being a masculine man that still wets the bed, and pants occasionally, but whatever. i kind of like being in a diaper though, and now i can't imagine going to bed without them. i've dated 2 bedwetters, but neither of them would make the jump 2 diapers, and just pissed on their sheets, and me, and had to clean up after themselves. one of them wore a diaper a couple of times, but actually preferred ******* in and soaking her bed, than wetting a diaper. i don't wet every night but love the soft diaper around me keeping me safe from the possibility of a cold wet bed.
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I wear diapers just for the fun of it, much like you I love the comforting feeling knowing that if I go at night I wont have to worry.

I wet most nights myself as well. I have found that I can no longer sleep soundly, unless I am diapered.

I like it when my gf feels the crinkles in my diaper to, she likes it more than i do