Yes, I still wear diapers... when I was young around 12 I developed a fascination for them. After going through an abusive relationship, I learn to wear them. Several years after the abusive relationship, I learned I had a bladder control problem which cause urine to backup into my kidneys. I was advised to use intermittent caths, but those left me kinda sore. I found the regular caths didn't leave me as sore, and I could let them drain into a diaper. Also using the cath for 3 or more days, makes me feel much better. My stomach get sore after awhile and the cath seems to remedy this. I also like the feeling of being wet, but I miss the warm wet gushing feel of when I pee without the cath into the diaper. I also have an issue wearing diapers at night, I stay dry and the heat of diaper bothers me, or the constant stimulation keeps me awake, or I worry about flooding my bed again....
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

then you need to find a friend who dose not careif you flood the bed