My Diaper Story

My story starts out when I was 17, I was always a fat kid so you can imagine how happy I was when I started losing weight.  I was 215 lbs at the end of May in my junior year of high school.  The summer to follow ended up being a blessing and a curse to me.  I started losing massive amounts of weight even though my diet didn't really change.  I was soo happy that I didn't even care what the reasons were, and even though I figured something was wrong I didn't want to get help and end up being fat again.  As the summer went on I had lost a lot of weight, I was down to 149 lbs, but I also had to go to the bathroom a lot, and I was always thirsty and sleeping.  Then I started wetting the bed, it was hard to hide always flipping my mattress and putting a fan on during the day to dry it.  I knew one thing though I wasn't going back to being fat, and getting picked on and teased, not to mention my last name is horrible so I might as well have paited a target on me.  Also beautiful girls started liking me and there was no way I was giving that up, since I had never had a girlfriend up to this point.  Near the end of the summer we had a family trip planned to Nebraska, and by this time I almost couldn't walk I had to climb stairs on my hands and knees cause my leg muscles couldn't pull my 149 lb body up the stairs on their own.  My parents were worried by this time but I always made up excuses and hid most of the stuff from them.  We headed out for a 1800 mile road trip and I literally had to stop every 50 miles to pee.  My step dad was not going to have this the whole way to Nebraska so I was forced to hold it as long as I could which turned out to be about 100 miles and I was in complete agony trying to hold it.  The last leg of the trip was like 175 miles and my step dad was pissed by this point cause we had made such horrible time.  He told me we weren't stopping again till we got there, and when we got back home I was going to the doctor.  That last 175 miles was pure hell, I held it in for so long that when we stopped in Nebraska my bladder was so full and i was in soo much pain that I couldn't move.  My mom helped me out of the van but as I started to walk I felt something that I can only describe as tearing, and I completely wet my pants in front of the rest stop.  If you think that oh well at least you didn't have to be in soo much pain anymore you'd be wrong.  The pain in relieving myself was just as bad as holding it and on top of that I pissed my pants, my step dad was super angry and my mom was almost crying she was so concerned for me.  When we got back from Nebraska it was straight to the doctor for me.  My doctor thought I had MS by the way I looked since the last time he saw me, but after the blood tests he told me it was diabetes and that I needed to be put on insulin immediately.  He asked me how long this was going on and I told him honestly.  I told him about the bedwetting and wetting my pants in Nebraska and I asked him if it would get better.  He said probably but he didn't want to give me any false hope.  He said that I had been in a state of KEYTOACIDOSIS for more than three months.  For those of you who don't know KEYTOACIDOSIS is where your body can't produce the carbs you are eating so your body basically wastes them and feeds of your body fat and when there's no fat left eventually your muscles.  KEYTONES are poisons you're body produces from high blood sugar and my body had been full of them for more than three months.  Immediately after my doctor's appointment I had to go to the diabetes center and learn to take my blood sugars and give myself a shot.  Normal blood sugar is 80-120, my first blood sugar reading was 756.  The doctor told me I should be in a diabetic coma right now.  I started taking my insulin and I had soo much energy I felt that I could've run a marathon if my legs would've worked right.  As the weeks went on things got better and I did put on a little weight but I was still 175-180 lbs which I was ok with, and the bedwetting had gone down from every night to 3 or 4 times a week but new to me was a daytime accident about once a week.  I called my doctor and asked him what my options were, and he said that I probably have some nerve damage from the keytones and possibly some muscle damage for holding it to such extremes as I did.  He told me I basically have two options to use a catheder, which involves shoving a straw up my ****....... um **** that, or adult diapers.  I was shocked and dismissed both of his recommendations figuring I could just fix it by getting up regularly to go to the bathroom.  After 2 months of trying and 4 very embarrassing public accidents I knew that it was impossible so I went out and bought my first pack of diapers.  I got in and out of the store as fast as I could and I was sure that everybody in the store had saw what I bought when they hadn't.  I brought the diapers home and I decided to put one on right away to see if I could tolerate it.  I opened the pack of diapers and pulled one out, unfolded it and situated it underneath myself.  From the moment I pulled the front up and taped in place I had the a feeling like I had been missing diapers since my childhood.  Not only was it okay that I was in a diaper I actually liked wearing it, I knew right there and then this was the begining of a new life style for me.  My girlfriend on the other hand was less than excited and ended up dumping me because of the diapers, even though I needed them.  It took me six years to try and date after her,  I loved her and I was afraid to date because I didn't want anyone to leave me because I had to wear diapers.  I have since become a lot more confident about myself and have had a descent amount of girlfriends in spite of the diaper wearing.  Some of them have even gone as far as to wear them with me a couple of times.  Because of my condition I'm never going to be out of diapers for the rest of my life, and that's okay I wouldn't have it any other way.
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I was a bed wetter until I was 12. This was genetic and runs in the family.
In 1970 my chopper was shot down coming into a hot LZ in Viet Nam.
The result was I was placed back in diapers 24/7 for the rest of my life.
I was lucky enough to meet my wife, a nurse, when she came in to prep me for my last operation.
We have been married now for 39 years and have two grown girls and two granddaughters.
It has not always been easy but with her help I have been able to control the PTSD.
Don't give up. Somewhere out there you will find a mate.

i have diabetes and it doesnt mena i have to wear diapers very confusing

I've been in diapers for a medical condition for over 10 years, I deal with diapers by being a diaper lover.
I have to use them so I decided that I would not hate them.
Dating and relationships is slightly more difficult when you have to use diapers, but not impossible.
I've had a few girlfriends that were quite shocked that I was incontinent but most saw past that and it became almost normal. Well as normal as it can be with bladder problems.

If someone is shallow enough to dump you because you have a medical problem, they might not have been as ideal as you thought.

I even use cloth diapers and plastic pants at nightime sometimes, I have Diabetes and if I'm tired or stressed I can easily flood a disposable so find cloth works better in these circumstances, explaining this to your girlfriend can be awkward, but anythiing is better than a wet bed.

Diabetes is an awful condition and left uncontrolled will lead to some very serious life theatening things happening, like blindness, loss of toes and fingers and whole limbs if left unmanaged.
Bladder troubles is only the tip of the iceberg.

To get the energy it needs, the body relies on the nutrition it recieves and if there isn't sufficient, because of a diet, it will take most of the difference from stored fat. However it takes only approx. 70% from fat and the rest from muscle mass.That is why you were losing strength in addition to fat. It is also why exercise should be an important part of any diet program, and you should take Leucine to help build muscle and block the body from using it.<br />
When people go on a diet and lose muscle mass in addition to fat, they can't burn as many calories as they once did and as they ease off the diet, the weight comes back. That is the primary cause of yo-yo dieting.

others understanding are always a problem for some reason they want you to excpet them but have a hard time excepting diapers as a away of life

Thanks for sharing your story!<br />
<br />
Due to a motorcycle crash that trashed my racing bike, I'm forced to wear diapers 24x7 for the last 4 years. I have nerve and urethral damage that prevents most control.<br />
<br />
Good to hear that you have mostly come to terms. I, too, have managed not to make a big deal of them. None of my co-workers seem to know of my problem. Except maybe my boss. I went to a bar with my department and left my backpack at the table where he looked inside. All he saw was my spare diaper cover. I had already used my spare diapers by that point. So, he didn't know what to make of them. We simply joked and waved them off as some sort of "sex toy..."<br />
<br />
I prefer disposable diapers as they are easier to manage. Since I typically change two or three times a day, I don't want to carry any used diapers home. Plus, the smell would get me in trouble with my work. Luckily, there are handicapped restrooms at my work... So, I'm able to dispose of them in a sanitary manner.<br />
<br />
While professionally, I am doing well. Girlfriends are an entirely different story...