I'm Back In Diapers As Well

It's been about two years now since I've started wearing diapers again - mostly at night but I've had more than a few day time accidents so I wear them during the day at times too. I'm very used to wearing diapers though, especially since I've only had a few dry nights during my life time. I mostly wear disposable diapers but I do own several cloth diapers and plastic pants as well. It's great knowing that there happens to be others out there just like myself!


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19 Responses Feb 10, 2008

I've been in diapers for over a year because I need them I still get depressed about having to wear them, at times I am able to accept them, my emotions go up and down, mostly deep depression.

Some years ago I had some bed wet accidents. Since than I use diapers and plastic pants at night. It is a part of myself.

I wear cloth diapers mostly and plastic pants. Keeps my bed dry at night

I also am a bed wetter, this started after having surgery about 5 years ago now.

I have to wear nappies to 24/7 . My wife likes my in nappies & some times changes my

You are one of many, many thousands of us :)

i have to wear baby diapers 24/7 med reason no bathroom alldiapers like a baby

What's your story wearing diapers? Who knows? Do you wear them to work? etc.

I wear diapers & vinyl pants 24/7...I was born incontinent and wore diapers until the age of 6 when my parents had me wear an appliance that would irritate me and I would get rashes from it. I would move it around to get comfortable and i would leak and wet my pants. My mother decided to do away with it and I have been in diapers ever since. I am now in my 50's and wear diapers all the time and looking for a friend who enjoys the same. I LOVE WEARING DIAPERS! dasafe@aol.com

hi i suggest throw away those disposable diapers they are only paper diapers and don't hold fluid they are prone to leakages use your cloth diapers and plastic pants they are a good combination for night time use and you will a wake to a dry bed in the morning because that is what i do i wear a cloth diaper with my plastic pants for night time now day time you can buy day cloth diapers that are not bulky and they will help you through the day they are comfortable you can wear your plastic pants with them if you suffer serious incontinence during the day and that is a better option than paper diapers you 'll feel more confident within yourself. i like to become your friend and share bye for now bruce.

i do put a cloth inliner in them on my days off ,it works good but hard to change out

i wear mine 24/7 also jeffwet@yahoo.com let be friends

I wear diapers 24/7 day and night

I'm back in nappies at night now and have come to enjoy them. I doubt I'll ever be dry at night again.

Because of my bedwetting i still wear diapers at night. This is no problem for me because i love the feeling of a diaper, especially when they are wet. I use disposable diapers and sometimes even wear them during day time when no one is around. It gives me a save feeling and nowadays i don,t even want to give it up. I would like to contact you.

i wear them in my room to hide from mom,step dad and 2 little brother

I wear them too mostly at night but there are the occasional day time one too

i wear a diaper all the time and no one knows or even asks about it+ any more . i have worn all kinds of diapers and some of them were very nice . i have worn a diaper to work and it felt good .

i wet my bed

Me too.

I wear them myself at times. Nobody know, and you can't tell when you blue jeans or something, and it is nothing to be ashamed about or even embarrassed. Like I said I wear them too, especially at night.