I Still Wear Diapers - But It's My Choice

Hi, my name's tibby.                                                                                                                             Like a lot of other people, I also still wear diapers. I guess I have never really stopped needing diapers - I'm a bed wetter. When I was a child, my mother forced  me to start wearing diapers again at the age of seven because she was so tired of the laundry I was creating. The shame I felt that night was so hard on me that I can still remember it as if it happened just yesterday. I remember kicking and crying the whole time as she tried to diaper me. Eventually I stopped after she had spanked me.

It was a sad childhood. I never had sleep-overs, never went to summer camps, and more often than not, I would often fall alseep while crying. Today it's a different, yes I still need to wear diapers at night, but thanks to a good friend of mine, he's since  showed me that it needs to be on my own terms. He's become like a big brother to me since at the moment I'm not really involed with anyone. Yes I have issues from my childhood, and a lot of people out there probably do but at least George is helping me work though a lot of it - including expolring the very needy side of the little girl inside of me. Anyway, that's just a bit of me for now. Thank you for reading.



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hi I'm glad you are doing better and enjoying diapers. If like send me a message i will add you as a friend.

It is a shame you had a sad childhood. Hopefully now you can create better childhood memories. Do you just like wearing diapers, or do you like to act like a little girl as well? I hope you do act like one, it is so much fun.

Yes, I act like I'm a little girl again. It's something I do almost all the time now and I find it relaxing to say the least.

It is so much easier and fun than being an adult.

I am soo sorry about your childhood expernce,but today have you ever had these docotors to stick tubes up inside of you to try and find out what the probem is and then you go and wet all over the floor while the doctor is telling you everthing is normal and then says that should never happened and never offer a diaper for you to put on or even recomend that you need to wear a diaper for protection.

Hi Tibby, Sorry to hear that your mother didn't introduce you to the concept of diapering better. But I am glad to read that George is in your life and is helping you to cope with your diaper needs. I have had to start wearing diapers my self at the ripe old age of 36 after a reaction to medication I had during surgery. The result is I now wet the bed most nights, I have no idea if I will wet each night or not until I wake up in the morning. But I have also found that I can no longer get a good nights sleep with out diapers, even if I stay dry. Now I need to find myself a girl friend that is understanding like your George to complete my life.

Good Luck.

you sound like you need a hug so it will have to be a virtual hug hope thats better take care tibby love steve

A very nice and honest story. Thank you :)

Good luck with everything :)

It is amazing how much more people know about this now than what our parents knew when we were growing up. I remimber my mom also making me wear them around 5 or 6. I was really embarased by it too. I understand what you mean and wish you all the best

I constantly wonder how so many of us ever survived childhood. What a shame. It should be a time of love and security.

But it's good that we have the option of returning to some aspects of childhood and that there are others out there to support us in the effort.

Enjoy the feelings of comfort, dependency and security that age play can bring.

For me, it's a bit humiliating to admit that I can't do everything and I need others to meet some of my needs. It's also humilating because the casual observer see an adult acting "inappropriately" and is then judgemental. It takes me a bit of mental gymnastics to separate myself from accepting negative comments.

Thanks for listening. WinStuart

I also remember being put back into diapers, at 4, because of bedwetting and i distinctly remember kicking and fighting as my mother tried to diaper me. I also remember that soon after, I would wake up at night in a wet diaper and feel so totally happy that only my diaper was wet and my bed was not! I remember telling my mother that "I LIKE DIAPERS" with the enthusiasm I felt about not waking up in a wet bed anymore.

I'm sorry you had such a bad childhood.It isn't your fault you feel like you do.I wish I was there to help you.I know I could make a difference in your life...

Thanks for sharing your story.

My heart goes out to you for the way you were treated by your mother. My wetting problems started at age 12 and I can honestly say my mother was totally supportive. I had a surgical procedure when I was 20 that dramatically helped my situation but didn't fully "cure" me. Because I had reached puberty while in diapers I found, as an adult, that I missed being wet, especially when pleasuring myself. That's when I went back to wearing diapers (among other things). Again, I'm sorry that you had to endure a rough childhood.