Diapers At 18

growing up I was a bed wetter my mom thought it was just me being laze but after a few doctor tests she found she was wrong and that I had a medical condition that made my body youngers and weaker. the doctor recommended that I start wearing diapers at night my mom was all for it but I was not. she went to the store and bought diaper for me since my condition stun my growth she bot little toddler diapers. that night she called me to her room before bed time for my first diapering. I started to cry as I walked into her room for my diapering she told  me to lay down I refused at  first but after a slap to the leg i did as she asked. that night couldn't sleep and lid awake until I drifted off  asleep wen I woke up to no surprise I was wet my mother came in to check and then she gathered her supplies to change me. for the first few days it was night in diapers. then one morning after my change we're sitting at the table for lunch wen I felt a puddle form under my leg my mom was angry and yelled at me to go to my room after cleaning the mess she came to my room were she found that I had pooped myself. she grew even angrier as she cleaned me up. the next day my mom took me back to the doctors for more tests to find out that my condition worsened. I was now going to have to wear diapers during the day it felt like I was being turned back into a baby. I was now in diapers 24/7 it was humiliating at first. I was bullied at school and teased every ware I went. soon after my mom thought it wold be easier if I was a baby so all she bot a crib, high chare ,changing table, and baby cloths for me to were and I must say I have enjoyed it I'm still being babied by my mom and I'm still in diapers.

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I can believe the "still wearing diapers" part of this personal account and even the medical condition that caused your incontinence. The rest of this account does seem a bit embellished.