19 And Still Wear Nappies

I'm 19 and have worn a nappy most of my life for medical reasons. I used to hate it so bad but don't really mind it now. My friends accept me for who I am so thats o.k. and life is o.k.
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I have worn diapers for fun from the age of seven till a couple of years ago when I went diapered 24/7 due to incontinence but I enjoy wearing them only a few people that I know personally know I wear them

You're so brave to put up with it. Glad your friends are understanding too x

you go right ahead baby girl. we accept you the way you are.

Hi my name is jd am 27/m i wear diapers also for medical reasons am single and looking i been in diapers from the age of 13 tell now and am 27 now so it is hard for me to get a gf i work i tow cars. i would like to text u and get to know u more let me know in my in box have a good one sweety xoxo jd

I trying to look for long-term relationship to in the Kent area I am single too & a nappy where