Bed Wetter At 28

I'm a female and I've wet the bed 28yrs now I was in a long term relationship for 8yrs and I thought he understood about my problem but then when he broke up with me it was the first thing he threw in my face...I'm afraid that it will never end and I'm afraid that I won't find a guy to accept me for who I am ...I'm afraid to be alone for the rest of my life it puts a damper on my self esteem I lack it very much and it makes life very hard there anything out there to fix it?
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You will find someone have always wet my bed and i wear a nappy and plastic pants if i have a girl stay over i will tell her that i wet the bed so it's all good.

I think he just threw that in your face as an excuse. Obviously before he cared about you a lot and he didn't mind if you wet the bed. He obviously stayed with you 8 years in spite of your incontinence. I think he broke up with you for other reasons and was too much of a ***** to man up to the real reasons. And he knew you were sensitive about the subject and tried to make you feel the worse possible. Don't worry about finding a guy. Many guys even find it kinky and like it.

u know its his problem if he couldnt accept u for u it took me a long while before i was comfertable to tell my girlfriend that i like wearing diapers but u know what now she even wears and loves it maybe he wasnt comfertable with u finding out that maybe he enjoyed it

It is ok I understand but I am worried as well about how my friends will react. I wet the bed and have I had very high stress problems and I used bedwetting as a stress relief program. Most of the stress was social pressure so I have very very very low self esteem

My advice is to accept your bedwetting is just part of who you are. Still wetting at 28 it is likely that you always will. I wet the bed, I always have. Accepting this was the best thing I could have ever done. Bedwetting is only a problem if you make it one.

Hey. I'm almost 28 too and I'm also a bedwetter. I totally understand how you feel. The hardest thing in the world is sharing our secret with someone else and then hoping they'll accept it and never hold it against us. I'm sorry your boyfriend was such a jerk to you. He just didn't deserve you.

Try visiting a doctor or a therapist, there has a reason for it.