My First Wish I Ever Wished On A Star

Well the first time i ever tried was when i was in the 4th grade. It was something rather childish but something that i really had wanted badly at the time. In my P.E class i was one of the fastest runners but always came in 3rd place everytime. Anyways one night i wished on the very first star i had saw on that clear texas night out of curiosity. I always looked at the sky always been one of my favorite things to do so i wished i had gotten the idea from somewhere. The following day as it turned out the girl who always came in first had spranged her ankle and was wearing a cast so she had to sit out during the running. I was surprised because it i did not expect her to be hurt and not be able to run with us so i took it as sign that it was my chance. I did indeed pass up the girl who was always in second by a mile i ran the fastest i could and came in first with no competition. I was so excited about what had happend because i actually was noticed by the others who congraglated me on it. So after that i never did wish on coming in first again but i have for many other things that have yet to happen or have already come true. I never told anybody about it. It will and always remain an experience that i will always remeber because what i wished really meant something to me then and really gave me boost in other things that i have accomplished since then.
MsSun MsSun
Jul 12, 2010