Still Wish

Here in the mountains I have seen a lot of falling stars and I still wish on them.  My main wish is for happiness.  I love wishing on stars and looking at them and thinking. 
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16 Responses Dec 15, 2007

Yes it would be nice to wish on a star and wish the whole world could be happy. It would be such a better place.

Love it. I still look and wish on stars. Like you mostly for happiness for others. Sometimes my personal wish gets in their too.

Just a brief note as my paws hurt today but I'd like to add I still do too. There's an 'innocence' about it I treasure.

UHOH here we go ....Hot guys and i love the truck in Hope Floats !lol

it is a very good movie too, Harry Connick Jr. oh and Red sorry for failing to mention Aidan Quinn when we were talking about Practical Magic :)

I love it!

I have not seen Hope Floats yet. Going to have to check it out.

Hope Floats is a great movie too!

Mine too!

Yes they are and I love Sandra's movies. She is the girl next door beautiful if you know what I mean. She is my favorite actress.

Both men !lol

that is a good movie...Goran Visnjic is hot!

Sighs again!lol

Me2 ! I want that man!

Yes and I love that movie.

I still wish on stars too!Have you seen Practical Magic?