I Know It's Childish

I know it's childish...and silly...but I do...I think it's one of the only things I have left to believe in...but....somehow....even that is diminishing rather quickly...

raevynvelcros raevynvelcros
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Thank you...

I get days like that too. I hope you get your light and your smile back very soon.

...Thank you....I am not sure what it is today....I'm just....quite down....and emotional.

Me too! I think I always will look into the night sky, looking for the first star so that I can make a wish. I also grab those dandelion floaters (don't know what they are called), make a wish, then let them go. Wishes are like dreams, please don't stop having them, no matter how old you are! That is my wish for you today.