Keep Love Alive...

I love to leave love romantic notes to the man I love. It is a nice little surprise for him when he finds them. I could make a card in a heart form and write sweet little things or a little teaser on the front followed by three periods. My words would be completed with a heartfelt feeling of love, he would feel kisses without lips…

I could write everyday love notes, also in 10-20 years my love notes would kiss him with my mind, he would still feel amazing how my words could spark the passion…

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6 Responses Aug 24, 2008

He's a very lucky man and you are a dream. :-)

A dog had a crush on me once. That's as close to love as I've gotten.

Anyone ever told you what you mean to us ... Thank You!

What a great idea, thanks TP.

Oh, the precious note and thoughtful gift, both done for no reason. I am sure that any person you choose to love has not doubts about your feeling for them. They are lucky for so many reasons: They have no doubts about your feelings, they constantly receive gifts done for reason other then loveAnd most importantly, they are with you. And you seem , ato give all of yourself when you choose to give.

Your the best! That's what I think I just heard him say as he walked in the door.