Math Has Ruined My Life.

Everything that has went wrong in my life I can honestly blame on math. It took my almost perfect ACT score and turned it into remedial city. I have lost scholarship, sleep, and 30 lbs because of math. I took college algebra three times before I made a C. I picked the wrong college degree because of math. The only thing in life I wanted to do is teach, but I chose another degree that didnt have any math related classes. I have a degree I hate so, I decided to face my fear and get my Masters in Education. I have a 4.0, but now I am on hold because of Praxis I math. I missed the test score by 1 point. Now I am forced to change my major which will now require me to take three math classes and some electives. Yes, I need to know math, but why in the h--- is it trying to ruin my life. I spend countless hours memorizing equations, and I still get the crap wrong.
I would do anything to be good at math, I dont understand why I suck at math. I think it has shaved years off my life. My nice blonde hair is now gray thanks to math. I try really hard to express to my niece how important it is to learn math. I dont want people to deal with the mess I have to deal with. I am so upset right now. I am going to happily take my three math classes and hopefully someday I will be a teacher, but I promise you it wont be math. I think math especially algebra and Geometry are from the devil.
cantdomath33 cantdomath33
Jan 7, 2013