I Was So Ashamed.

My dad was a Civil Engineer and used a lot of it in his job. I remember seeing all these formulas and numbers n his blueprints... He was fantastic at Math.  I was ashamed to ask my dad for help so my marks were always low and he would ask me why I didnt ask for help. I would always feel so stupid because I would never get it.

I am just hoping my kids never get to be as bad as I was. Bad gene that who the hell knows I got it from...

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Dolcerella,<br />
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Like you I used to suck at Math - but then, I found out that once I've got a good textbook I am able to learn anything I want, and Math was a part of that adventure.<br />
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If you ever need any help, I'll be more than happy to offer my assistance.<br />
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Warmest regards<br />

I hate it still! My husband got me just today a mini calculator keychain! I acted offended because I always (I mean always) ask him to do my simple calculations, but I really appreciate that he thought of me buying this lol

i'm like you. math was never a good subject for me. Algebra, etc they could keep. i do how ever know how to count money ... and know when i'm being cheated. Truly, the only real need for math. In my opinion anyway.<br />
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Thanks for sharing.