Math... What Is That ?


I suck at math , and algebra, and calculus and everything that has to do with numbers. I can balance my checkbook and make calculations about how much I need to spend each month but that´s about it.
My daughter is in fifth grade. I am not at that level, yet. I can help her with Spanish, English, History, Grammar, Geography , etc, etc, but when it comes to Math she just gets a blank stare from me. Not because I don´t want to help her, but because I have no idea how to solve any of those problems.
Incidentally, I found a group on the internet  dedicated to rant and ***** about  Ms. Tellez, my elementary Math teacher. Apparently she is the reason why so many of us hate math :-(

According to that group many of us ( myself included ) still have nightmares with Ms. Tellez and that was 30 years ago.

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Oct 23, 2009