Man I Hate Calculus!!!!!!!

I always struggled a little but calculus straight killed me. It really confused and frustrated me. I used to buckle down and study every night and 10 minutes later I couldn't remember anything I just learned. I got a tutor and everything but I just couldn't get it. What really discouraged me to try harder was my 11th grade @sshole calculus teacher. He was also the basketball coach and one of those meathead drill sergeant types that like to pick on fat kids during gym. He would always call me to the front of the room for the hardest questions knowing damn well I either wasnt finished or had the wrong answer. When I would get part of it right, he would bark at me to finish and when i told him I didnt understand the rest, he'd roll his eyes and send me back to my seat. That's not helpful you jerk. In 12 th grade, I failed so miserably that I couldnt graduate and since they didnt give calculus in summerschool, I had to take another semester to make up the 2 credits. After 90 minutes of the same teacher for 3 days, I just switched my school and found a great math teacher who helped me and was really patient and also kinda hot;) I still suck at math but I'll never have to take calculus again so hallelujah!!

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

What was actually different that you got things to click for you?

And what was wrong with the tutor you had the year before, or was he just doing the bare minimum, with you having to pay for the lessons, so things were a bit skimpy?

I found that the textbook has a lot to do with it, and the curriculum.

But if the textbook fails you, yeah you got to rely on the teacher.

You'd be surprised how much you know of a subject if you take the next class with it..... some things you could be clueless to, but there is a lot you actually learn and soak in. Of course sometimes you might reach a point where you almost have to start from ground zero, and learn something 'properly' and deeply...

I find it neat that if you learn like 2 or 3 chapters in say calculus very very well, where you did every single question, and spent 5 times than usual reading it, that it almost gets automatic...

Knowing one chapter really really well, is sometimes a real accomplishment.