The Big Pink Hat!

I was in California and I was pretty upset. I went into this store and this lady gave me a look like I was going to steal something. So my old attitude said ***** I will show you so I ran outta the store with a big pink fuzzy hat. I ran into the alley to escape only to find out that their was no way through. So I threw the hat and the store cashier was behind me the whole time and we were arguing. Whelp the cops came and the owner of the store and he decides to throw my glasses off my head so I grabbed him by the ears and head butted the **** outta him. The cops arrested me and I spent like 5 months in solitary over that damn hat. I had an out date but when the date would come they would make up a story and keep me in their longer. 3 different times.When I got out I was so excited that I ran out the door which I soon found out it was a window and I was just happy as hell to be outta their. The fire men thought that was funny as hell as they watched me leave.
jeanjenny jeanjenny
31-35, F
May 27, 2011