After-dinner Mints

When I was in the third grade, I went into the little convenience store across from the school and put a bag of after-dinner mints (the soft pastel kind) in my "show-&-tell" brown paperbag (like grocery stores used to give you all the time).  Anyway, the owner caught me right before I went out and informed me that he would not call the police, as he should and had every right; in return, I would disclose my full name and phone number (which I did fully and honestly, that being a more open and honest era of the world), and he would call my parents tonight to make sure I had told them what I had done (which I did not, that being an era of the world when you wanted to literally save your hide).  He never called........

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....and here you are.....probably decades later, sharing the story.<br />
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Sounds like you didn't follow through on your promise to him, but obviously some lesson stuck with you. Hence, the recollection decades later :)