I was in the walmart with my girlfriend, and when she was done selecting items, she told me she was going to check out, so i told her id meet her in the jeep. I got several CD's and one DVD into my pockets, and made it very unnoticable that i had anything. I walked to the bathroom and i unwrapped the items and pulled the security tags out of the covers. i stashed most of the undamaged packaging in the toilet seat cover holder. the rest, i took with me out of the bathroom and put on the shelves. As i walked out of the store, several walmart managers circled me and forced me to stop. They would not let me move. They told me that i needed to come back inside walmart and that all they wanted to do is talk. The said they knew i had their merchandise, and that all they wanted was their stuff back. I knew that this was bullshit, but i also knew that if i didnt go quietly, then I'd have three or four employeed of walmart on me, and if i didnt struggle, it might be easier. But it wasnt. They called the cops even though they told me they didnt. I was arrested and stayed in an isolation cell at the Habersham County Sherrifs Office for four hours until my girlfriend payed a full cash bond of $566.00 to bail me out.

ocelot06 ocelot06
Jul 21, 2009