Okay, so first of all, I do this for pleasure. What you have to do is start by watching some really hot **** ****. Then drink as much liquids as you can, hold it in until, the pain is actually unbearable, then (if you're a girl) cover your pee hole with your finger and push as hard as you can! Nothing will come out. Then you stand up and pisss. It feels really hot and it just cascades down your legs and warms u up, then you get to feel it get cold and eventually dry. Then you can start all over again! The longest I've held my liss in for is 3 days Friday Saturday Sunday then Mondsy night I let it allll out! And had extremely hot sex with boyfriend, who pissed INSIDE me. Another GREAT feeling!
Peeinmypantsequalshottt Peeinmypantsequalshottt
1 Response May 13, 2012

Yes that is really hot when you can just stand up and wet your pants. I love doing that myself too!