To All of Them...

I did stand up to all of my bullies... but unfortunately, I got my butt kicked for it too! Every time and without mercy. Yet, it failed to stop me from standing up to my bullies... I just got beat up a lot. The other nerds couldn't understand why I just didn't grovel at the bullies... I guess, it was pride. I always felt that I was above groveling. So a bully or often a group of them would surround me... they would push me into things or around the hall... calling me names. Most times, I said nothing and pretended that I didn't care. This pissed them off more, it seems. But sometimes I would be in a bad mood and would reply back to them with a bigger and better insult. BAD MISTAKE! :-o

This would gain laughs towards my bullies, from the other kids and the other nerds. And that guaranteed I would get a butt kicking, for that day. Yet... even after being beat up, the pride never left me. The bully would show up the next day, with me still being bruised from the fight of the day before, and expect me to grovel. NOPE! I was still stubborn and defiant. This made them so angry! Why wouldn't I fall down?

I guess... I was never afraid of them. Just sad that they wouldn't be nice to me and be my friend. That's all I really wanted. I never wanted to fight anyone or reply with a mean comment back. I use to even pray for my bullies, every night, that they would be nice to me and whatever was hurting them would stop. Because I had a thought that maybe they were hurting  in their lives and just taking it out on me. It may have been true for some, but no... some people are just jerks! =p

But, I always stand up for myself, despite the dangers of doing so. :-)

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5 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Ya know I could make me a few extra doller, maybe at night i could tie bullys to cypress trees in duck pond, Ya gotta dangle deem stinky little feets in da water. I could put some trebble hooks around them and catch me some gators at the same time. If they screem to loud Choot'em

Good on you but in my school i am cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What?! Just puched you in the mud for no reason? There were some mean people in your school...and the other constant bullying. I'm glad I never experienced anything that concentrated over a period of time. <br />
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Damn!! Who would have thought that that's how it would turn out for the rich popular girl? They're always the people who are voted as the person most likely to become celebrity/beauty queen or whatever. <br />
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It just goes to show that the experience has made you a stronger person, whereas they didn't find anything like that. It's be cool if you ever did manage to befriend someone who used to be a bully. You could gain so much understanding from each other. I've seen it happen...sometimes people can become good friends that way. Not to mention the movies that show this...:D but movies don't really count.

What can I say...what goes around comes around ;)<br />
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What a way for things to go back on them though. It is sad. Usually, the bully has bad problems of their own that they don't talk about, just like you said. Too bad they couldn't come round to your mindset :(<br />
So they were all girls then? Haha, doesn't help much for the "girls are bitchy" image.

Good on you :) It's something that's way too rare. I certainly can't boast of being so fearless lol! I really, really respect that.<br />
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I wonder what happened to those bullies...