I Can Never Resist

The man makes me laugh. I mean it.  He is always wisecracking.  And I try to keep up, but it's a lost cause.  I'll never be as clever.  Still, he praises my efforts, and continues to chat with me, so he must find me a little bit amusing.  I'm glad, because I do so enjoy his company.  It's too bad his wife is such a dreadful woman.   Then again, if she was a decent person, he probably wouldn't spend time hanging out with me.

me: Hello, dear man
S: hello
  sad thing
me: sad thing?
S: the story of O is no longer available on Netflix
me: I am so very sorry for your loss
S: I think it was all French and subtitles
me: how can I make things better?
S: road head on the way to _____
me: :)
  do you have even the smallest inkling how much I'd love to provide that to you?
S: :-)
me: so what are you watching instead?
S: Blue Sea
  David Attenborough
me: hmmmm
S: I watched the history of Deep Throat last night
  Do you believe she was raped?
me: ooh, neat
     I know nothing about it
S: or that her clitoris was in the back of her throat
me: It really was before my time, you know
S: so you say
me: IT WAS
  For the love of Pete how old do you think I am?
S: well you were too young to watch
  Richard Nixon was a key anti **** crusader
me: that is just evil
  **** is good stuff
S: not much action from women on Collarme
me: funny
  I am getting shitloads of action
S: how so
me: subs
S: are you swimming in men
me: women who want me to torment their men
  men who want me to torment their women
S: really
me: yep
  I am not crazy about a few of 'em
  but there are some very amusing and smart men there
S: skanky drug addicts?
me: none more amusing or smart than you
   no, not skanky drug addicts
S: I just need a curious 25 year old
me:   I have several curious 25 year olds
  I prefer the kinky 52 year olds
S: aww
  I asked a hot lady out for dinner
  so wifey is right
  I am not as open
  It’s a friend of wifey's boyfriend’s sister
  I will tell her
 me: HA!
  I'm sure that'll go over big
 S: she works in _____
  has a PhD
me: And did the lady say yes?
  are you dining with this ****?
S: I bumped into her on Friday
    we agreed we should have coffee when I am in _____
  she is ******* the ex husband of some crazy woman
me: you are the husband of a crazy woman
  clearly she has a type
S: hmmm
  never thought of it that way
  you are fast on the wit
me: not really
  it was a cheap shot
  but I took it
  I can never resist
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I love witty repartee. You are very good at it. You fling humor and barbs with equal aplomb. :)