Well maybe it's not so much that I stop liking them...I just lose interest. Harry Potter's a good example. I really enjoyed the first couple books when they came out...and then it exploded and I stopped caring as much. I only bought the new one today and I'm trying to work up the desire to actually read it. It's more out of my rule to finish series I start.


I can't really explain why I lose interest in things once they become popular. It's not that I'm a non-conformist by rule, I just like new things. And once everyone likes the same thing and talks about the same thing, stuff gets old. Make sense?

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Exactly! It's not that we're hell-bent on being seen as nonconformists or something, we just get sick of seeing the same old thing!<br />
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I'm the same way. A lot of people think that I only do it to stand out or to be seen as original but it is only because I loose interest in it.