Unsure About Friend and Husband

I am 27 I am also BI but for unknown reasons. I recently found out my husband was my friends first. long before we were together. well i am in a small town with no one, so I invited my friend here to be with me, but I am worried my husband keeps looking at flights for her to be here and what not, but swears he is not going to do anything with her. I am very worried I am setting all this up so I am not lonely just for them to be together. although they both say there is nothing there. in the past there has been us going out and Me getting jelous, because he grabs her by the waist or she follows him around like a lost puppy, she has been known to sleep with other peoples men like it was just part of her life. she is 4 years younger then me and she is pretty but I feel like I can trust them both? but some times I feel unsure. ever since I have told him that I want her to come here he just brings it up, trying to make it out to be about me, I dont know if it is about me.  I dont know what to do. I do want to get hurt.

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1 Response Oct 1, 2009

I dont. My first instict is usually correct, and yet still I do not listen to myself. I am tired of bf throwing in my face that it is my insecurities, when I have already caught so many lies. Probably what made me insecure to begin with. We all just want to be completely loved and understood and secure. Honesty is a big part of it. So is having someone make you feel secure, not insecure. Love and kisses and good luck!