Its the Little Things

I`m trying to get our finances under control. Its not like I`m extravagent or anything! all our house-hold belongings are basic but functiional, and we don`t go out a lot.

Our money gradually gets frittered away on incidentals, like a few beers, or a magazine, or buying small items that we don`t need.

It has to stop.

musicmad musicmad
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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

All financial advisers would suggest that you keep a record of every penny you spend and what you spend it on. Then they would suggest that you make a budget and stick to it. You've taken the first step by admitting that you are frittering away a lot of money on incidentals that are not necessary. The next step is to discipline yourself. Leave some room for a few incidentals, but decide how much and hold to it. Anyone spending more than about $20 a week on alcohol, chips, nuts, candy, etc., is not only wasting money if they need it for other things; he/she is also probably hurting his/her health. So if you budget $20 a week for incidentals, then you must decide whether to spend it all on two drinks at a bar in one night or to buy a 12-pack for home (which will have to last for 2 weeks if you want to add any chips or nuts to go with it out of the next week's budget). The strongest live the best in hard financial times, so you must make the step to become strong in sticking to a budget which is within your means.