It Was God and Jesus. ...

It was God and Jesus.  But it wasn't exactly them, it was organized religion altogether.  I had been going to church since I was around 3.  I got my baptism, communion, and confirmation.  I even had perfect attendance awards to prove that I was an avid church goer when I was young.  But when I was around 15 or so the church basically forced my family out.  We were the backbone of that place and because of a small disagreement we were pretty much excommunicated.  (I suppose it takes that little these days).  We went to other churches but for me it wasn't the same.  I lost interest very rapidly.  I had no friends and didn't like their style of worship.  I mean, come on, who wears jeans to church without getting dirty looks?  And there's an electric guitar?!  We're not Baptist, jeez.

After we were accepted back into our home church (after the Reverend retired) I still was sceptical.  Our reverend now is nice and all but I don't feel like I am welcome.  The church is different somehow and I don't know how I can ever make my peace with god for those 7 years him and even myself let go.  I was at my worst time with my faith ever when my church let me down... and now I'm expected to go back without a problem?  And some of the same problems still exist today that hit me harder now that I'm an adult in the church rather when I was a child years ago.  How can I let these things pass in a place of worship when I feel like God and Jesus aren't helping them get resolved?

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HUM ! ............ there are several people i kow who have given up Church becasue of ' the people ' in the Church. I have read your statement and the comments of others ... I kno w aman who's wife has several Degree's in religion ..she teaches Religion in the Catholic school system where i live. [ i am not Catholic ] HE GETS VERY UPSET WITH STATEMENTS MADE IN AND AROUND RELIGION. She tells him not to be so upset .. these are man made rules .. there is 1 God .. there are many religions and many people in religion ... NONE ARE PERFECT .. I BELONG TO A CHURCH, ANGLICAN, and the people are nice there ... the Rev. there was a missionary in Africa for awhile. He has lived life outside the Church before he turned to Christianity. He has a gift for relating the Gospel to us in his sermens. Christianity is about caring .... the Bible tells us how we should live ... suggestion ... start an ep ministry with one another .. the Holy Spirit works in many ways, perhaps this is your way .. Hope you all stay in contact with each other ... LOVE ONE ANOTHER, YOU ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS WITH JESUS.

I know that it wasn't them. I haven't entirely given up yet. I'm getting there. But sometimes I can't help but wonder why God would allow that faith to be ruined.

You know I agree with Pepsi21addict,, yell theres so much that can and will try to get in our way of worshiping the lord our saviour. and i have been there so many times, i had people tell me things that really made me want to walk away from Jesus and give up. but this thought comes to my mind,, when he was walking the hill and carring that cross and being beaten and mistreated,,did he give up??? no, he just went on. why?? Cause he loved us... the true thing is do we love him enough to keep on going.. ?we must take up the cross and follow him. we must not give up.cause he never gives up on us.. you know that i face almost the same thing... i was devoted to a church that i had attended for 3 and half yrs,, i really enjoyed going there,,, but other peoples remarks drove me out from that church,, but i felt that it was best that i went eles where to worship and to grow strong with jesus,, so all i am trying to say,, just keep on keepen on and don;t give up jesus is always there even when we don't feel that he is,,, he's there.. he will never leave us or forsake us he will go with us to the end,,, so keep praying and one day you will have a reward for it,,, your friend, chosenone2003

Please don't take this wrong...I'm honestly not trying to be rude or anything like that but hun your blaming the wrong people. God and Jesus didn't kick you out of your church...think about that for a minute. The lord...your father...and his son would never kick you out of church. Please don't blame them for a humans mistakes. Because that's just the thing...the man who kicked you and your family out of that church was matter what calling in the church he has he is a mere mortal man. And as everyone knows humans are no where near perfect. That man made a terrible mistake...but don't hold that against God or Jesus. They would have never turned you away like that. I know you can't see it now...and it may be years before you do but something good will come out of this. God knows what he's doing. You just have to trust him. Let him do what he's going to do and just go with it...he won't steer you wrong and he wont let you down. And as long as you do your best everyday...God promises the reward will be more then worth it. So don't pay any mind to what other people do...let God deal with them...because he will...just be the best you can happy. I'm sorry that your church will never feel the same...I can't promise that will ever change...infact I'm pretty sure it won't but think about this...why do you go to church? You go to worship God right? See I've moved around so much I don't feel comfortable or right in any church I go to...I always feel like an outsider. But you know what...I just need a building of worship him in. Every church of your religion is going to teach basically the same go because you need the message...and to tell God how you feel about him. That's it. Nothing else matters. I know it's hard. Believe me I know it's hard to just put your faith in God. I've struggled with this more then anyone I know...but I'm telling you...once I did it...Once I figured out how to let myself...well lets just say...I promise I'll never go back to the way it was.

I don't go to church. My feeling is that I grew up sort of evil like and I am trying to change myself around. Lately I prayed the hardest I have ever prayed before that I could get this girl the way she is. Day and night and from the heart. I was broken hearted that I lost a part of her. I hated God. Later I grew stronger. After that I got depressed. So when I was being bad in my life I was care free and happy but when I changed myself to help others in need and wanting to do it, I got depressed. My faith is still strong and I won't let depression get in the way. You can't let the church change the way you feel about your faith. It is like hating the child because of his parents. People are different and the biggest thing we are missing is understanding. Who know why that guy wore jeans in church. it could be because he thinks that God will take him in no mater what he wares. Maybe he really just doesn't know whats wrong with it because he wasn't raised that way. What ever is going on in your head. Don't just give up. Our faith is what keeps us strong and hope keeps us going.