Liars Are Everywhere

Because of how much lies are around us, I really stopped believing anything! It is not good and it is annoying me, here is my new rule that I deal according to with everything nowadays (Liar until proven truthful), and I do not only apply it on human beings but on everything I read or I learn.

If I read any news I assume it is propaganda and lies, even if it is news that I approve or agree with I still assume it could be a lie and I have to Google it first and check it from different sources before I believe it.

if someone tells me something, I still doubt it and don't really believe until I have a proof!

I'm starting to doubt everything and it turns out at many times that I'm wrong and that the thing is actually true ... I shouldn't  be that paranoid but it is because how much the people are lying these days, it makes me over cautious, and I think paranoid is better than fooled or brain washed!
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
1 Response May 5, 2012

yep,you're turning into Saint Maj.20 more years and you'll be where I am now.I TOLD YOU SO

Oh God I hope not LOL =P