Thanks to Fake Nails.

Among other things, I'm also a compulsive nail biter. And I really hate it.

For me, those horrible nail polishes have never worked. They don't stop me from biting my nails. And if I really want to bite my nails, which I usually do, then a bit of a bad taste in my mouth afterwards isn't gonna stop me!

I've found that the only way I can prevent myself from biting my nails off almost completely, is to apply fake nails. This way I physically can't get to my nails to bite them. It helps. And at the same time, I can make my nails look nice. And that makes me feel better, too. I do have to reapply them quite frequently sometimes, but it doesn't bother me, because I know it's the only thing that will keep me from chewing at my nails constantly.

Eventually the nails fall off and you notice how long your nails have grown! It's great. They look a bit gross because they've been stuck under the fake nail with glue all over them. But once you clean them up, you'll be happy! They can be quite frail too, so be careful. But everyone has different nails.

I also find that after I've taken the fake nails off and my real nails are significantly longer, or long enough for me to be happy with them, the want to bite them literally disappears. Because they look nice, I find it so much easier to stop myself from biting them off. Which is really cool.

There have been times though when I have completely ruined my good run on a drunken night out when I've started frantically biting. But if you have some self control that helps too!

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Hahaha. <br />
Well whatever works, as long as you give it a shot to see if it can help you :)

The nail biting bit for me is more about, everything and all. Boredom, nervousness, Stress, and especially because it is there. It is more compulsive addictive.<br />
<br />
But in order for me to wear fake nails, it is essential that I DO NOT use a emery board! <br />
I gota show some manhood somehow. So I am thinking either my belt sander or grinder should do the trick for shaping my new lushious nails – Grrrrrrrr *Shows Muscles*<br />
. . . . Hahaha

I'm not sure how it starts. Some kids do it, some don't, some grow out of it, others don't. Unfortunately for us, we didn't grow out of it!<br />
I'm not sure exactly what causes it - but it's a mental thing - i figured out that it's practically the same as other self-destructive things i do such as pulling out my hair and picking at my skin. It's part of impulse control. You bite your nails because you don't like the look of them, but you fail to think how they will look after you've dealt to them. Failure to think of the long-term consequences of self-harm. Ultimately that's what it is.<br />
Ofcourse biting nails is much more common than say skin picking and hair pulling - but i think it's very similar.<br />
Eventually it does become a routine - and like us nail biters all say - we do it without even noticing - which makes it ten times harder to stop! <br />
So basically, unless you have mega self-control, in which case you probably shouldn't have any problems, you need to do something that will physically stop you from getting at your nails. Which is really hard.<br />
We can identify what brings on nail biting - for most people it's emotions such as stress, boredom, nervousness etc etc. So at these times we need to try and take that nervous energy out on something other than our nails!

Hell no . . . Totally nothing will stop me. Sick to death of it. Chewing gum and all that . . . no dice.<br />
<br />
Weird - what in gods name causes it. Just a routine???

Heh. Yea. Whoops. Wasn't thinking about the guy nail biters out there -_- I'm so sorry!<br />
Have you tried the stuff the tastes gross - does it work for you?

I have bit my nails to the nub since I was a kid. My brothers and mother even does it. Drives me nuts and it is gross. Press on nails might be a bit of a stretch for a guy, but what the hell.

I think it's more ruining something I don't like the look of. And I do have a boyfriend! Ha! I don't know. But they're growing alright at the moment anyhow :)

well, that sucks . You must have an oral fixation . I recomend you get a boyfriend. Two birds with one stone that way.:)

Yeah that's the stuff I was talking about. It doesn't help me. I bite anyway, and just deal with the horrible taste.

I think they make some sort of nasty tasting nail polish that helps you to stop biting them. I guess it just tastes awful.