Ten Yrs Ago

my legs used to have carvings around them but thank goodness they  healed and went away ... i only wish i would have a healthier release from pain ... because i would have rather had  physical pain than emotional pain anyday ...  but ive since found healthier coping skills .. and i dont think ill ever start again .. even though sometimes i think about it ... and i have a fear of cutting myself by accident and the addiction coming back .. so i try really hard not to use knives .. I think cutting is an addiction just like smoking  and i am so glad i stopped before i seriously hurt myself ..
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1 Response Jun 18, 2007

i agree that cutting is an addiction, just like smoking. i was told by doctors that i was mentally addicted to it. people who have never cut before don't necessarily see it like that...i think that's why they don't really understand what's going on.<br />
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it sounds like you're doing a good job with not cutting anymore. i wish you the best of luck.