So I stopped eating a little over three weeks ago. Lack of a will to live I feel, it's been weird for me. I've always been a foodie, I love food a little too much if anything. Over the past week I've managed small bits and pieces, mostly to satisfy my worried mother. Having no interest, not even being able to force myself has been so so strange.
Yesterday though! I woke up starving! I had a burger for breakfast lol. Then in the evening I had some crackers and cheese... Today I have been nibbling too. These are good things!
I'm surprised with how little weight I've lost and it's proven to me anorexia is genuinely a crap way to lose weight. I'm just happy to be eating again.
Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all
Ladybuddha1 Ladybuddha1
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1 Response Aug 26, 2014

eat as much as u want and workout

Was never about losing weight

dont be afraid. u r sexy if u feel it